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Thank you for your interest in writing for International School Parent Magazine. To submit an article, please send your proposal to: 


Before you submit an article, you must choose what type of article you would like to submit:

  • Exclusive articles: These are articles that you submit to our Editorial team for exclusive publication on
  • International School Parent Magazine.
  • Regular articles: You may submit articles to our Editorial team for publication on International School Parent
  • Magazine that you've also posted to other blogs or websites. Please indicate in your submission whether you have used this content before.

Broadly, here’s what we look for in deciding whether or not to publish an article submission:

Market-oriented: Write about a subject relevant to our market. Our readership of international school parents actively searches for information about Parenting, Teaching developments, Information on different Curricula, Exams, Health, Psychology, Extra-Curricular activities etc… If you are unsure whether your topic is relevant, then please just ask us. Include relevant, up to date information to ensure that the articles receive maximum exposure on our website, and with our content distribution partners.

High-quality: Articles should contain high-quality opinion and analysis and must deliver on three separate metrics: Convincing, Well-Presented and Actionable. Always have in mind what the reader can take away from your article.

Originality: If you are writing about well-covered issues, bring a new perspective that others may have missed. Articles generated largely by scripts, or articles that could have been generated largely by scripts, will not be accepted.

Compelling title: Your title should reflect the content of the article and tell readers why they must read the article. 

Clean: All submissions must be proofread already and should be free of any grammatical or spelling mistakes. Submissions should also follow UK English grammar and spelling rules. 

No promotional content: We do not allow promotional content within articles. We are however happy to give you a “by line” next to your article to promote your brand, and up to a maximum of three links within an article to contextually relevant information. The three links may not be to subscription pages, or promotions, but rather to a page on your site that adds value to the reader. If you are interested in paid content, please contact

The human factor: We work hard to consistently select the best articles submitted for consideration. However, the selection of articles and Editors' Picks is highly discretionary and can be impacted by many factors including the number of articles addressing similar themes and the timeliness of the topic. We strive to maintain an open and constructive dialogue with our contributors and work closely with contributors whenever possible.

Article submission specifications:


• Articles should be between 600-2000 words.

• No promotional content – see our fair policy above concerning by lines and links.

• Articles should be submitted in Word .doc/.docx format.

• Photographs should be clearly labelled with copyright and captions.

• Photographs should be large format, high resolution .jpeg format (minimum 300dpi).

If you have any additional questions about becoming a contributor, or the article specifications, please email and we will be happy to help.

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For advertising and advertorial opportunities in our magazine or on our website please contact:

Please use as much detail as possible.

Please make sure that copy is as original as possible. Duplicate content on websites is not great for SEO (yours or ours).

Select the best information to display your school. 

If you have any issues please contact

Artwork Specifications:

Our page size is standard size A4 (210mm x 297mm) with a 3mm bleed.

Digital files are required in high resolution, CMYK, PDF. Files may be submitted via e-mail to or using with as the recipient.

Minimum resolution: 

Photographs - 300 dpi; Line art - 600 dpi

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